[Tide Point Data Center]

Setup Service

Tide Point will assist the customer with the initial setup and installation of their equipment in the racks. Additionally, all network and power configurations and connectivity will be setup for the customer. Lastly, the customer will be assigned IP addresses and setup on their own VLAN segment.

Basic Monitoring

Tide Point’s colocation service includes our basic monitoring package. Your servers and IP addressable equipment will be constantly monitored for availability. If at any time, your equipment fails to respond, Tide Point’s operations team will perform shutdown and restart services per your instructions.

Advanced Monitoring

For an additional fee, Tide Point Data Center will continually monitor additional IP’s, mission critical ports, such as HTTP, SSL, IMAP/POP, or SNMP. If at any time the defined service does not respond to a script or ping, then TPDC will notify the customer and follow pre-defined procedures to restart the particular service or application.

Tape Rotation

Tide Point Data Center offers a variety of tape backup programs. Depending on your storage and backup needs, TPDC can arrange a daily or weekly rotation schedule with a biweekly or bimonthly storage, either on or off site. Custom programs are also available. TPDC also offers continuous Internet based storage for highly critical information with undelete, file rollback and recovery functionality.