[Tide Point Data Center]

Tide Point gets `lighted' by Baltimore-based company

The waterfront development at the center of Baltimore City's technology hopes has a few new wires.

Baltimore-based Accelacom Inc., a provider of high-speed Internet services to commercial properties, installed its wires at Tide Point last month.

"We're not talking about the Digital Harbor; we are lighting it," said Dominick Vietre, CEO of Accelacom. Simply put, "lighting" a building means installing the necessary wires and other equipment to offer Internet service.

Tide Point, in the Locust Point neighborhood, is home to some of the city's high-profile technology firms. E.magination Network LLC, Advertising.com Inc., Raven Technologies Inc. and Blue Sky Factory all call the complex home.

Making high-speed Internet access available to a particular building can cost between $5,000 and $50,000, according to industry estimates. Accelacom is making the investment in hopes of signing up customers in the building. Its costs are less than similar projects because the company is piggybacking its wires on existing utility pipes.

"Accelacom is helping to fulfill the promise of the Digital Harbor," said Matt Schubert, vice president of technology for E.magination Network. "Accelacom is accelerating our ability to meet increasing bandwidth demands and enabling us to deliver high bandwidth content at a fraction of the costs to our customers."

Accelacom has partnered with ComfortLink, a subsidiary of Constellation Energy Group Inc. that provides heating and cooling services through underground pipes.

Baltimore Business Journal
(July 12, 2002 - Page 10)